Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the units you build custom?
Yes, all of our units are designed and built to our clients specifications.  This gives you the freedom to fit your space and needs, as well as giving you a multitude of choices regarding wood, color, style, door design, and moldings.

What about Cost?
Units vary in cost depending on size, wood type, door style, and details.  For a rough budget estimate you can figure on $350.00 to $650.00 a linear foot.  Some units will be more, and some may be less.

How long will it take for my unit to be built?
Typically units take 6 to 10 weeks to be delivered and installed from the date we receive your deposit.  At some times of the year we might take longer, and sometimes we might be faster; a lot depends on how many orders we have at any given time.

How long will installation take?
Once your unit is ready for installation we can give you an estimate on the approximate time your install will take.  You can count on your install taking about one day.

Do I have to do anything to prepare for installation?
The room where your unit is going will need to be clear of furniture and boxes, this includes the walls.  The entry to the house as well as the hall or pathway to the install room, also needs to be clear of throw rugs, furniture, boxes, and anything that might be dislodged from the walls.  Please have all of your computer, TV, and stereo equipment disconnected and moved away from the install site.  Our installers do not do any electrical hook-ups or connections.

What about a warranty?
Any defects in material or workmanship are guaranteed.  If you have a problem, we will send a representative out to look at your unit; if after inspection we find that your unit has a defective part, we will repair or replace it.

How can I pay for my unit?
We require a 50% deposit on all jobs before we can begin or schedule your job.  On the day of install, your job should be completed and the balance is due at that time.  If it is not completed we will collect 80% of the balance due, and the last 20% when we return to finish your job.

We accept cash, checks, and cashiers checks.